Why I started this page

The reason is very simple, to provide free IT advise for people who are not IT savvy, asking a few questions doesn't have to cost anything, really. And if it's within my capability, I don't see why I can't help during my free time. Think of this website as a place where you can ask something without people giving you a bad attitude, or a place where you can clear your doubt(s) before you spend money on a particular IT product or service. Never hurts to have an alternate opinion available, and for free.

What I work as

I am currently working as a system analyst in what most people consider a big IT firm in Singapore, and I'm mainly working with software developers to deliver projects, also providing project maintenance support. In the early years of my IT career, I've worked as desktop support, helpdesk support (email and phone support), onsite support, dealing with quite a variety of hardware, software and network issues.

How to ask questions

You can go to the Q&A section and drop a comment there, shouldn't take long for me to reply. Or who knows some nice souls out there on the internet highway may help to answer your question.

How to contact me

If you prefer to contact me directly, you may email me at the following address...